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Some good progress, notable improvement, some lasting change

You've helped me see part of myself in a different light. I've been more of a worrier than is useful . The thought shifting is very helpful. This gives me a tool to switch off and let go of problem solving. The audio track is great. I've been sleeping well following it. I've generally been getting off to sleep well. I'm not clenching teeth at night now. Some good progress, notable improvement, some lasting change but still a work in progress.
Dartmouth NS

Help with Mindset and Stress

Margot has the most relaxing voice and calm demeanor. I love that she paired the hypnosis sessions with behavioural skills to help with mindset and stress. This gave a truly complete solution which allowed me to continue the work throughout the day. I highly recommend Hypnosis in the City!!!
Heather McLerie,
Halifax NS

I felt safe, comfortable and at ease

The minute I met Margot, I felt safe, comfortable, and at ease. We had four sessions in total, and after the first one, I started to see a shift in my mindset and clear results in my actions. She gave me practical, actionable, sustainable habits and activities. I can’t believe how much she taught me in such a short time. I recommend Margot to anyone looking to make a positive change in their life.
Julie Crouse,
Truro NS

Postive impact on mindset towards eating

The Mindful Eating Session at Halifax Yoga was so interesting and helpful. I can’t believe the impact that one session has had on my mindset towards eating! I’m looking forward to my progress in improving my health with the exercises and knowledge you shared with us.
Halifax NS

Your hypnosis recording was super helpful to me

This is a long overdue thank you. If you can remember you made me a custom audio recording before I headed to Toronto for surgery and radiation on my eye (melanoma) . My husband and I headed up to Toronto during the peak of Covid last April for an official diagnosis and flew back and forth several times for surgery and radiation. As for my eye, everything is going really well. Your recording was super helpful to me. You had sent me the custom-made one and you sent me others that you thought I might like. I listen to them all the time. If I wake up at 3 AM and can’t sleep, guess whose voice puts me back to sleep! Again, I’m not sure why I waited so long to send this. I just needed you to know that it was such a kind thing for you to do for me and it was and still is SO helpful.
Halifax NS

She encouraged me to think more positively

While struggling with health problems, I began to experience unmanageable anxiety and panic. As I go through my recovery and transition to a normal routine, Margot’s hypnotherapy sessions have been an important and empowering support. She has given me practical solutions and exercises that have helped me manage my anxiety and encouraged me to think more positively. I have no doubt that her sessions have helped move me forward in my recovery.
K.H., Halfax NS

Yin Yoga as a beginning

You gave a beautiful Yin Yoga class last week! My husband loved it and wants to go every week. He said that you said two things that worked for him and were of great importance. One was that it was okay to just lay there if he wanted to. He is as stiff as a log and even though he wants to bend etc., he is so limited. He needed to take that first baby step in a safe and compassionate environment which you provided.
Anonymous, Halifax NS

I'm so happy to have quit smoking

I am so happy I have quit smoking and become a fresh air breather thanks to Margot. It was so easy to quit with her profound hypnotherapy sessions. I would recommend her services to anyone, anytime.
Kurt V, Head of Chezzetcook NS

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