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Hypnosis changes minds and actions

Margot changed the way I thought about smoking. I went from a smoker to a fresh air breather, who no longer needs cigarettes to manage my day. For the sceptics out there, hypnosis changes minds and actions. You won’t regret it.
Jodi Lazare,
Dartmouth NS

Classes feel less stressful and more enjoyable

I’ve been doing great. I’ve got a job working as a peer mentor for students with learning disabilities, and I’ve been biking regularly. I’ve also met a few new people in my classes which has been a positive experience. A lot of the work that we did was very helpful as classes feel less stressful and is more enjoyable. Even when I am stressed or feel anxious, the strategies you provided have really helped. Even writing this email feels less daunting than it would have a month ago. Thank you for everything, it has made a big change in my life.
Halifax NS

Unable to get through a medical appointment without extreme anxiety

Before seeing Margot, I was unable to get through a medical appointment without extreme anxiety or fainting. Talking with her, and the hypnosis we did, definitely helped me! I was not anxious or feeling faint during the doctor’s appointment. I was able to speak clearly and precisely and did not become anxious when my blood pressure was being taken. I had a moment of dizziness when the doctor was telling me the issues that could be wrong with me – but she said most people feel like this at those moments. For the time at the hospital, during the time I was waiting to get my bloodwork, I was able to sit the majority of the time and whenever I started to get anxious, I did the left brain, right brain technique. When I went it to get my blood taken, I handled it 10x better than I usually would – I still had to hold my mom’s hand but at least there was no screaming or fainting or vomiting. I walked in and out on my own.
Darmouth NS

Facing an exam was hard for me

Facing an exam for the Class 03 license was hard for me. I failed it the first time. I found Margot and told her my story about not focusing and poor memory retention for written tests. When I visited Margot, she clarified everything and gave me what I needed to succeed. I followed the steps she provided and the suggestions given through hypnosis. I went in and wrote it again and passed! If it wasn’t for her, I don’t know what would have happened. I can’t thank you enough.
Halifax NS

Some panic attacks but pushed through

I reached out to Margot for hypnotherapy for my daughter to help her with her emetophobia and anxiety. Margot is totally invested in this process and scheduled a phone call with myself and a separate one with my daughter and I before our session. When we arrived at the session, she made our experience very comfortable even giving my daughter a blanket to make sure she was warm. Margot is compassionate and very professional. Since the session my daughter has been having much more positive thoughts, engaging more with friends and she even has had success with rekindling old friendships. She has had some panic attacks but has pushed through and managed to do a full week at school last week which hasn’t happened in 8 months. I highly recommend Margot’s services if you’re considering hypnotherapy.
Dartmouth NS

I’ve always been an extremely nervous flyer

I’ve always been an extremely nervous flyer, holding on for dear life until I exit the plane. After just one session with Margot, and doing my homework, of course, I was so relaxed the entire time of my flights to and from our vacation destination! I never knew flying could be so nice!
Halifax NS

Inviting stress free sleep into my life

Attending Margot’s Sleep Well Group Hypnosis workshop was my smartest move yet for inviting stress free sleep into my life. No longer are my evenings hijacked by thoughts of impending difficulties falling asleep. I learned to shift my focus from that of falling asleep to what it would feel like to awaken from a restful night's sleep. Almost instantly the unwelcome anxiety disappeared and now even when occasional nights aren’t that great, I don’t dwell on them with anxious thoughts. It is quite freeing! I’m a work in progress, but thanks to Margot’s informative, rich and highly engaging presentation, I have the confidence and tools to build my relationship with sleep as one of an ally instead of enemy.
Kathy Townsend,
Halifax NS

I didn’t experience a panic attack - I felt very calm and very strong

My jiujitsu competition was yesterday and it went very well. I had three matches and won 2 of them, earning a gold medal in the nogi competition. But above all else, I didn’t experience a panic attack. In fact, I felt very calm and very strong throughout all three bouts. They were physically very challenging, borderline exhausting, but I didn't lose myself to anxiety. Even if I hadn’t won a medal, the accomplishment I felt was fulfilment enough. I used the technique you gave me. I closed my eyes, took a deep breath in and then I was READY. This is a tool I have now and forever. Thanks to you I can fully enjoy my jiujitsu journey and am actually looking forward to the practice more than ever!
Chris Johnson,
Halifax NS

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