Before seeing Margot, I was unable to get through a medical appointment without extreme anxiety or fainting. Talking with her, and the hypnosis we did, definitely helped me! I was not anxious or feeling faint during the doctor’s appointment. I was able to speak clearly and precisely and did not become anxious when my blood pressure was being taken. I had a moment of dizziness when the doctor was telling me the issues that could be wrong with me – but she said most people feel like this at those moments. For the time at the hospital, during the time I was waiting to get my bloodwork, I was able to sit the majority of the time and whenever I started to get anxious, I did the left brain, right brain technique. When I went it to get my blood taken, I handled it 10x better than I usually would – I still had to hold my mom’s hand but at least there was no screaming or fainting or vomiting. I walked in and out on my own.