As the story continues, I have attended approximately 6 sessions with Margot and as you will understand should you begin sessions things are: “Getting Better and Better”.  Ok just to be completely honest, this is not a quick fix and it certainly does not make life perfect, it provides a mind click that helps you have true breaks from anxiety and it re-programs your psyche to accept and develop positive healing intentions and generally helps you think more positively. I have completely stopped taking Ativan, which was becoming regular, I still take an anti-depressant, and believe in a reasonably short time I will also be able to stop that. I still have an occasional mild panic attack, but can almost always scare it away with my mantra “every day, in every way, I am getting better and better”. This combined with some deep breathing has been a true godsend for me. I have even used these simple but effective techniques that Margot taught me to alleviate my fear of flying. I have had 2 flights in the past 5 days and have actually relaxed and enjoyed them. In fact, I am writing this testimonial as I am flying with absolutely no anxiety and without anxiety medication (a common occurrence on previous flights). Thank You Margot for coming into my life and helping me through this difficult time, you have helped me back from the brink. I will continue to update as sessions go on.