Yesterday I was “fine dining” with my husband to celebrate Valentine’s Day and our 25th anniversary. I drank water before the meal and after each bite. This restaurant is not renowned for big portions. In fact, it used to be the opposite. People often found themselves still hungry after eating there.

I absolutely could only eat half of my plate, a very little bit of dessert and just no more. I never ask for “doggie bag” at these high end places. Tonight, I simply could not let my wonderful beef tenderloin and the creative veggies go to waste. So, I did. I only ate 1/2 or even 1/4 of the appetizer and 1/2 of the main course. The food was exquisite. I just did not need more.

It was great to sincerely enjoy every bite and know that I did not feel the need or the desire to have to eat it all. I know now that my appetite has really shifted. Honestly, this would not have been possible for me before.