After surgery and a traumatic life experience 3 years ago, I felt trapped – literally. My fear was overwhelming and kept me from doing activities I enjoyed. I recognized I was becoming agoraphobic. I knew my panic and essential trust in self was out of control when I was too afraid to go outside to my back step and shovel snow. In my head, I knew this was completely illogical; however, the anxiety and physical symptoms of panic were so uncomfortable it was very real.

I could not go anywhere without packing my trustworthy Ativan. After my initial session with Margot, her therapy set me onto a path of regaining trust and reinforcing “I Am OK”. With each small step toward my fears, simply walking to the mailbox without an Ativan was now attainable and celebrated. I gradually started to focus on more positive thoughts toward myself and recognizing (sometimes!) a thought is just a thought. Using the Thought Shifting tool Margot taught me, I replaced negative thoughts with positive, pleasant thoughts.

Margot has a demeanour that instantly makes you feel comfortable and no obstacle, perceived thought or problem is abnormal. Hypnosis becomes a relief from your thinking mind and you leave relaxed and confident in taking on simple life situations that may have caused panic previously. Hypnosis is a wonderful addition to any person’s life – simply for relaxation or for challenging life situations.

Like most people, I was skeptical this could help but was desperate and unwell enough to give hypnosis a try. I discovered managing fears became easier, bit by bit and enjoying life with less anxiety and more confidence was attainable . I personally believe Margot helped me on a path to rediscover that I deserve, as all deserve, to live life with confidence and joy.