Public Speaking

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In the Office or at a Conference

I used to work for a company in Dartmouth that had a CEO who was intrigued by hypnosis. He had me doing hypnosis/relaxation sessions in the boardroom at lunch for the employees of the company. They couldn’t believe their good fortune and the positive results they experienced.

I’d be happy to speak to you and your staff about the power of positive thinking, benefits of yoga and the healing aspects of hypnosis.

Group Hypnosis

I begin with an information session to make sure everyone understands what hypnosis is all about, what the benefits are and what kinds of conditions can be improved with this method of therapy. I talk about the conscious and unconscious mind, the laws of attraction, and dispel any misconceptions about hypnosis. From there I’ll have everyone experience just how powerful their unconscious mind is with a couple fun little exercises and then I’ll proceed with group hypnosis – And no, you won’t quack like a duck during the session. Or afterwards!

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