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View More: thing about yoga is that is it not just about what happens on your mat. We strengthen and tone our bodies as we breathe, set our gaze and hold the postures. If you have an accomplished instructor, you will also learn acceptance, spaciousness, determination and truthfulness which you will hopefully apply to all aspects of your life. Yoga can truly help you step into your authentic self.

Private Classes in Home Studio

I have been practicing yoga for 40 years and have been teaching for the past 7 years at my home and at Halifax Yoga.

Private Individual classes are offered if you are new to yoga, or to workshop various poses that particularly fascinate or challenge you.

Private Group Classes are a great way to celebrate a special occasion with friends. Happy Birthday! Congratulations on your retirement! Good luck in your new job!

Yoga for the Bride

I’ve had the pleasure of teaching yoga for the bride on her wedding day. It usually takes place early in the day, before hair and make-up. The bride invites family and friends to join in. It could take place outdoors under the bright blue sky or indoors, weather dependent. It will calm your wedding day jitters and set you up for an amazing day.