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Craving colourful, healthy life-giving foods...

"I'm only 2 weeks into the Weight Loss program with Margot and I'm constantly surprised by how well it is going. I'm drinking lots of water. I see a big change in my portion size. I no longer eat late at night. Even my dog is happier, because she senses that I am and I enjoy walking her more than ever before. In hypnosis, I was given the suggestion that my craving for rich, heavy, greasy, sweet and fattening foods would just float away and be replaced by a craving for juicy, colourful, healthy life-giving foods. Well guess what? When I went grocery shopping and walked towards the produce section of the store, I couldn't believe my eyes... it lit up just like Christmas. It was as if the red, yellow and green peppers were alive. The asparagus looked so good I could have eaten it right there. When I went around the outside of the store, I literally ran from the ice cream department. I high-tailed it out of there. "
SV, Halifax NS

Birthing Caroline was the most beautiful time in our lives

It's still hard to believe how flawless the labour and delivery was, it makes me cry just thinking about it. We're adjusting well to our new life as parents. Nursing Caroline is a whole new journey. I continue to use my calm breathing to help me through the challenging times. Birthing Caroline was the most beautiful time in our lives. Hypnobirthing provided the tools and confidence needed to let nature take its course in life's greatest moment.
Eileen Lunney, Halifax NS

New Year's resolution to prioritize my health

"I came to Margot with a New Year’s resolution to prioritize my health. This meant eating right, and exercising consistently. I have made these goals in the past, but would quickly lose momentum and return to my old ways. I sought Margot's aid to try to alleviate these patterns through hypnosis. In our first session we created clear, concise goals of what this looked like for me. Margot has impeccable client care. She is understanding and encouraging. She checked in via email after every session, and made sure that I was still following my goals and the protocols from our hypnosis sessions. It has been 4 months since our first session and I am exercising daily and making healthy food choices. Even better, the self defeating chatter that goes along with a wellness journey is no longer. I am 15 pounds lighter, more confident, and overall I feel like I am walking on a steady path. Thanks Margot!"
Brigitte, Halifax NS

I'm finding the experience to be truly life changing

“Hypnosis has a big fan, me!   Thanks to Margot Schelew's invitational yet highly informed and skillful approach, I'm finding the experience to be truly life changing in a positive manner.   Under Margot's compassionate and expert guidance I explore answering goal-setting questions recommended by the National Guild of Hypnotists (the governing body) which provides the basis of my personal profile for each session.   So in effect, I'm directly involved in deciding the areas of interest for the session.  At all times Margot demonstrates great care and patience in clearly explaining every aspect of the hypnosis.  By the time I enter into hypnosis I feel relaxed, confident and safe.  In short, I trust Margot to guide me through hypnosis.  It is trust well placed. In fact, I now eagerly look forward to exploring further areas of growth and improvement under hypnosis.  I am steadily becoming the best version of myself ...how wonderful and exciting is that?”
Kathy Townsend, Halifax NS

I now have a way to manage my weight that is almost effortless

I started on Hypnosis in the City's Weight Management program early in January 2015. Margot told me that I could eat and drink whatever I wanted, and have as much as I wanted. This program is more about weight management than it is about weight loss. An enormous weight seemed to drop from my shoulders upon hearing those words. Following this program has helped me move towards my desired weight in a healthy way. I did virtually every weight loss program going, but over the years my weight continued to creep up. It seems to me that when I'm on a diet I'm constantly thinking about food - what to eat, and if it is okay to snack, etc. Through positive suggestions in hypnosis, I have been able to avoid the foods that I craved, which helped me to make healthier choices. With Hypnosis in the City's Weight Management program I didn't need to weigh myself; I could tell that pounds were dropping away by the way my clothes fit. At no time was my actual weight discussed. We did talk about the level of exercise I'd be comfortable with and I committed to exercise six days a week. On my final appointment, I had a choice to weigh myself or not. That being said, I did weigh myself and was extremely satisfied with my progress. I still have a long way to go, but believe that I now have a way to manage my weight that is almost effortless. I would strongly urge anyone who has struggled with weight loss to try Hypnosis in the City's Weight Management program. You will be amazed at what you're capable of. Margot's support and encouragement is invaluable. MH, Halifax, NS
M.H., Halifax NS

Margot lowered my stress significantly

Working with Margot lowered my stress significantly and made me feel calm and positive throughout my In Vitro Fertilization treatment. We did a couple of hypnosis sessions before the embryo transfer so I would be comfortable with being hypnotized and know that the deep state of relaxation experienced in hypnosis is quite enjoyable and natural. Being hypnotized during the embryo transfer was a positive experience not just for me but for my husband and the medical professionals attending to me. I continue to feel relaxed and centered as I move into my pregnancy.
Genevieve, Stratford PEI

Her teaching style is a blend of challenge, support, care, humour and nurturing

Yoga has become a very important part of my life and enhanced it in many ways and I attribute most of this to Margot. Her teaching style is a blend of challenge, support, care, humour and nurturing, not necessarily in that order. Margot's home studio is a nice size and space and one always feels very welcome. She also has a great supply of props. I have been practicing yoga with Margot for about 6 years now and it never feels routine. She is always keeping it fresh with new poses, music and ideas. I highly recommend the Yin class, thank you Margot.  
Brian Kloppenberg, Halifax NS

Yoga in the middle of the day left me revitalized for the afternoon

In a busy work day, it is all too easy to work through lunch and rarely leave your desk. Having a yoga session with Margot in the middle of the day was a welcome break that was relaxing, yet left me revitalized for the afternoon. If only we could have these sessions everyday!  
Paul Dean, T4G, Halifax NS

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