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I am now a fresh air breather

I tried to stop smoking multiple times in my life with various techniques, but none of them helped to kept me off the cigarette. I needed help from outside. That's when I found Margot and committed to her hypnosis. Before seeing her I was skeptical if this would work, but also desperate enough to give it a try. I went into the first session open for whatever might come. I was surprised! My skepticism was mostly gone and I was thinking to myself 'this could actually work'. I was motivated and uplifted. Her techniques seemed weird to me in the beginning but the more I used them the more they worked and the more I enjoyed using them. After the 2nd session I was even more surprised at how easy it actually was to reduce my smoking and it motivated me even more. I couldn't wait for the next session and to finally be done with it. After being a smoker for over 20 years, after just 2 weeks of committed self discipline and the practice of Margot’s easy techniques, I am now a fresh air breather and I don't feel cravings at all. I am amazed and would suggest Margot’s program to anyone who has the will to stop smoking.
Sina W., Maitland NS

After three short weeks, my depression has taken a positive turn

“Just wanted to say that this has been a profound experience.  After three short weeks, my depression has taken a positive turn and my anxiety has been diminished significantlyMs. Schelew has been a “Godsend”, she is a wonderful caring person and a paramount professional.  I must also say that I was a skeptic and that I really never thought hypnosis would work on or for me.  I am glad to report at this early stage that I am astounded at the impact.  I know this is a long road that has just begun and will stick with it until my objectives are met.  I urge anyone with an anxiety and/or a depression issue to give this a try, I don’t know if it will work for everyone, but it is for me.”
Gerard F., Halifax NS

I am full and satisfied and crave nothing

Just a few short weeks ago I started my weight loss journey with Margot. I had truly exhausted every program and method there is out there. A close friend told me about the merits of hypnosis and how it was working for him. So here I am. Hypnosis with Margot is so much more than losing weight. It is about understanding the reasons why we eat and what we go to in these instances. Margot’s insightful approach allows you to better understand yourself and in doing so you learn the valuable lesson of how to really discover yourself. I am not sure how many pounds have been lost, as I gave my scales to a friend. I just know I feel so much better and my clothes are fitting better. My food portions are half what they were and I am full and satisfied and crave nothing. I can’t explain hypnosis but I can tell you that things have happened since coming to Margot that are completely unexplainable but so great. My unconscious mind has been opened and accepting of many wonderful things that can happen. It has been exciting and a very positive experience. I look forward to my journey ahead and to all the glorious things life has waiting for me. Thank you Margot!
Sandra G., Halifax NS

My anxiety related to exam performance was getting out of hand

I came to Margot with very little knowledge of hypnosis. She took the time to explain her philosophy and approach to hypnosis as well as the process we were going to follow that day. My anxiety related to exam performance was getting out of hand and starting to impede my personal growth. In only one session and a series of exercises to do at home, I was able to control what I thought was uncontrollable and move forward.
JD, Halifax NS

I carried the equivalent of two suitcases with me

It’s a year later, and I continue to be delighted with my progress with my weight management, a fact that was highlighted by a recent trip that I took. I had quite a large suitcase, and had already paid the airline to check it. I was very concerned that I was going to have to pay extra for an overweight bag, as I could hardly pick it up. When instructed by the agent, I heaved the bag onto the scale, and was floored to see how much it weighed. It was not overweight, but in fact weighed exactly half of the amount of weight that I have lost during the last year. When I arrived home, I carried the bag up to my room, placing it a step above me, then moving myself, then the bag, then me. I was struck by the fact that for the past number of years, every single step that I took every single day, I carried the equivalent of two suitcases with me. So, if you have some extra “baggage” that you’d like to lose, talk to Margot!
M. H., Halifax NS

I absolutely could only eat half of my plate

Yesterday I was “fine dining” with my husband to celebrate Valentine’s Day and our 25th anniversary. I drank water before the meal and after each bite. This restaurant is not renowned for big portions. In fact, it used to be the opposite. People often found themselves still hungry after eating there. I absolutely could only eat half of my plate, a very little bit of dessert and just no more. I never ask for "doggie bag" at these high end places. Tonight, I simply could not let my wonderful beef tenderloin and the creative veggies go to waste. So, I did. I only ate 1/2 or even 1/4 of the appetizer and 1/2 of the main course. The food was exquisite. I just did not need more. It was great to sincerely enjoy every bite and know that I did not feel the need or the desire to have to eat it all. I know now that my appetite has really shifted. Honestly, this would not have been possible for me before.
Gail K, Halifax NS

I didn’t always remember my postal code, now I see myself as a person with a great memory

When I stood, stark naked, staring blankly at the lock on my Dalplex locker I knew I was in trouble! The combination on a padlock I’d been using for 10 years had disappeared into a mind mist! True, at age 66 and 5 years into retirement, I didn’t always remember my postal code or the name of the book I was reading, but having to ask staff to cut my padlock so I could get dressed… that was the beginning of the end! After just 3 sessions with Margot, I’ve developed a new confidence and see myself as a person with a great memory. I give myself a pat on the back when I do remember, instead of beating myself up when I don’t! I actively look for “memory jobs” so I can exercise my memory using the visualization techniques Margot taught me. And though I could have bought a new lock with a key, I chose a combination lock!
Mary Ann Walsh, Halifax NS

I stopped eating all salty snacks

When I joined Margot's Weight Loss Program and was a bit skeptical of hypnosis but I thought, why not give it a try. I was 30 pounds overweight and had no energy. I was depressed and all I did was watch TV and overeat, especially potato chips or anything salty from a bag! I had been a fitness instructor for 26 years so I knew what I should be doing but did not have the ambition to do it. I was in a "RUT"!!! After just one session with Margot, I stopped eating all salty snacks from a bag, cut my TV watching by more than half, and I had energy to do the things I had been putting off for a long time. As well I reduced my food portions to half and already notice a difference in how my clothes fit! The positive suggestions Margot gave me have given me the drive and energy to get out of my "RUT" and lead a more positive and healthier lifestyle. Margot made me feel very comfortable and gave me the encouragement I needed to change my life for the better. I am truly amazed at the results and would highly recommend hypnosis with Margot.
Kim C, Halifax NS

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