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After a group hypnosis session

Just wanted to tell you that I was impressed with your empathy, measured tone, confidence, passion, well.... everything. I was the one in the back of your session who asked about post hypnotic suggestions. A former math teacher, I am usually very skeptical about this sort of thing and thus not likely a good subject. Your tone inspired me to give you a shot, to listen and cooperate with the suggestions, and it seems I fell asleep. Your clients are lucky to have you. An enjoyable session.
GP, St. Catharines ON

I discovered managing fears became easier

After surgery and a traumatic life experience 3 years ago, I felt trapped - literally. My fear was overwhelming and kept me from doing activities I enjoyed. I recognized I was becoming agoraphobic. I knew my panic and essential trust in self was out of control when I was too afraid to go outside to my back step and shovel snow. In my head, I knew this was completely illogical; however, the anxiety and physical symptoms of panic were so uncomfortable it was very real. I could not go anywhere without packing my trustworthy Ativan. After my initial session with Margot, her therapy set me onto a path of regaining trust and reinforcing "I Am OK". With each small step toward my fears, simply walking to the mailbox without an Ativan was now attainable and celebrated. I gradually started to focus on more positive thoughts toward myself and recognizing (sometimes!) a thought is just a thought. Using the Thought Shifting tool Margot taught me, I replaced negative thoughts with positive, pleasant thoughts. Margot has a demeanour that instantly makes you feel comfortable and no obstacle, perceived thought or problem is abnormal. Hypnosis becomes a relief from your thinking mind and you leave relaxed and confident in taking on simple life situations that may have caused panic previously. Hypnosis is a wonderful addition to any person's life - simply for relaxation or for challenging life situations. Like most people, I was skeptical this could help but was desperate and unwell enough to give hypnosis a try. I discovered managing fears became easier, bit by bit and enjoying life with less anxiety and more confidence was attainable . I personally believe Margot helped me on a path to rediscover that I deserve, as all deserve, to live life with confidence and joy.
Paula, Halifax NS

Never thought fear and anxiety would leave me so quickly

I never thought I would get over the fear of flying. The stressful anxiety of booking tickets and driving to the airport was enough to make me miss so many trips I've wanted to take over the years. I have flown before but every time I had to go through that stress and because of that I never enjoyed my trip because I was thinking about flying home. One hypnosis session with Margot and the exercises she taught me helped me have a pleasant flight to see my family. I was able to enjoy the visit because I practised the exercises throughout the week and the trip home was flawless. Thank you Margot
Caroline, Lower Sackville NS

I'm worth it!

I heard about Margot and Hypnosis in the City from a friend who said “she is the real deal”. I was skeptical but after some research and reading about reprogramming your brain with hypnosis I decided to give it a try. I have battled my weight since puberty, on and off diets of every kind. With menopause setting in it was getting harder and harder to keep my weight even at an “ok” level. Margot and her therapy have changed my life and my weight. After the first appointment I just felt more positive toward everything. Even the colours of the leaves seemed greener! I was very committed to the process and followed the instructions to the very best of my ability. I look great and feel great about who I am and who that wonderful woman in the mirror is looking back at me. Now I’m on “life maintenance” as I call it and still using all the various techniques that Margot taught me along the way. Best money I ever spent on ME and well, I’m worth it ………….
Natasha, Halifax NS

I feel reconnected with the best parts of myself

Working with Margot through hypnosis has changed my life in countless positive ways. I feel reconnected to the best parts of myself, and my husband describes it as having his wife back again. Margot is a special person, and very gifted at hypnosis. I leave our sessions feeling refreshed and inspired. Thank you Margot for the positive impact you have had on my life. I am so grateful.
Rachael Innes, Dartmouth NS

Embrace the exercise part of the program

Working with Margot over the past month has been an experience of a lifetime. Having engaged in many diets in the past I was surprised at how easy it was to not only lose weight (I am down two sizes in four weeks!) but to also embrace the exercise part of the program. Margot is truly a professional and has helped me to gain control of my life. Her relaxation exercises have been an added bonus as I having been going through a trying time in my life and now look at adversity in a completely different way. I can see this program working for anyone who is serious about changing habits and getting control of their body and mind. I am truly grateful to Margot for her encouragement and assistance. I am on the way to a better me!
Jerry O, Halifax NS

The process of Hypnosis proved to be very gentle and peaceful

Over the course of a little more than a decade, I have experienced a number of different healing modalities in my own personal journey of unpacking trauma. The disciplines of psychology, psychiatry, naturopathy, homeopathy, emotional freedom technique, reiki, yoga and meditation, to name a few, all played an effective role in their own right, time and space. Hypnosis, my most recent experience, proved to be an effective and efficient practice of helping to integrate all of the idealized knowledge that I had around the power of thought. My life immediately shifted from the trappings of deeply ingrained, subconscious thought patterns that perpetuated a cycle of self-limitation and self-sabotaging to a frequency of empowered possibility. So much light! The process of Hypnosis proved to be very gentle, peaceful and afforded so much permission for me as the recipient to come exactly as I am. It felt as though the process asked nothing of me. Simply met me where I was at and guided me on an evolution of letting go and creating a new way of being . Margot Schelew's passion and enthusiasm for her craft shines through as much as her compassion and care. Forever grateful.
NC, Halifax NS

I am now a fresh air breather

I tried to stop smoking multiple times in my life with various techniques, but none of them helped to kept me off the cigarette. I needed help from outside. That's when I found Margot and committed to her hypnosis. Before seeing her I was skeptical if this would work, but also desperate enough to give it a try. I went into the first session open for whatever might come. I was surprised! My skepticism was mostly gone and I was thinking to myself 'this could actually work'. I was motivated and uplifted. Her techniques seemed weird to me in the beginning but the more I used them the more they worked and the more I enjoyed using them. After the 2nd session I was even more surprised at how easy it actually was to reduce my smoking and it motivated me even more. I couldn't wait for the next session and to finally be done with it. After being a smoker for over 20 years, after just 2 weeks of committed self discipline and the practice of Margot’s easy techniques, I am now a fresh air breather and I don't feel cravings at all. I am amazed and would suggest Margot’s program to anyone who has the will to stop smoking.
Sina W., Maitland NS

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