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Postive impact on mindset towards eating

The Mindful Eating Session at Halifax Yoga was so interesting and helpful. I can’t believe the impact that one session has had on my mindset towards eating! I’m looking forward to my progress in improving my health with the exercises and knowledge you shared with us.
Halifax NS

Your hypnosis recording was super helpful to me

This is a long overdue thank you. If you can remember you made me a custom audio recording before I headed to Toronto for surgery and radiation on my eye (melanoma) . My husband and I headed up to Toronto during the peak of Covid last April for an official diagnosis and flew back and forth several times for surgery and radiation. As for my eye, everything is going really well. Your recording was super helpful to me. You had sent me the custom-made one and you sent me others that you thought I might like. I listen to them all the time. If I wake up at 3 AM and can’t sleep, guess whose voice puts me back to sleep! Again, I’m not sure why I waited so long to send this. I just needed you to know that it was such a kind thing for you to do for me and it was and still is SO helpful.
Halifax NS

She encouraged me to think more positively

While struggling with health problems, I began to experience unmanageable anxiety and panic. As I go through my recovery and transition to a normal routine, Margot’s hypnotherapy sessions have been an important and empowering support. She has given me practical solutions and exercises that have helped me manage my anxiety and encouraged me to think more positively. I have no doubt that her sessions have helped move me forward in my recovery.
K.H., Halfax NS

Yin Yoga as a beginning

You gave a beautiful Yin Yoga class last week! My husband loved it and wants to go every week. He said that you said two things that worked for him and were of great importance. One was that it was okay to just lay there if he wanted to. He is as stiff as a log and even though he wants to bend etc., he is so limited. He needed to take that first baby step in a safe and compassionate environment which you provided.
Anonymous, Halifax NS

I'm so happy to have quit smoking

I am so happy I have quit smoking and become a fresh air breather thanks to Margot. It was so easy to quit with her profound hypnotherapy sessions. I would recommend her services to anyone, anytime.
Kurt V, Head of Chezzetcook NS

Much calmer than normal

After seeing Margot for the fear of flying, my husband and I are now on a bus going to the subway station in Toronto. He is out of his comfort zone but I’m in mine! I fell asleep last night listening to my hypnosis audio track. As soon as I got up I was a little anxious about the flight to Toronto but not nearly as bad as old habits. I practiced my visualization, sipped my water, did left brain-right brain with a little pebble and I used the Saje Relax-O-Ring. It was surprising that we had some turbulence as it was such a beautiful day. I felt I should have done better but my husband said I was much calmer than normal. So here I am in the beautiful sun of Toronto.
Debra Gilbert, Halifax NS

So much in my life has changed

Wow! I am so thankful that a friend recommended Margot to me. I had my first session with her barely two weeks ago, and so much in my life has changed. I went to her as someone who was experiencing daily anxiety that had become debilitating. I was scared and uncomfortable in virtually any setting, but most distressing to me was that I was no longer comfortable driving. I was also finding myself to be very anxious at work, despite the fact that I love my job. One visit with Margot changed that. I really enjoyed my talk with her, and being under hypnosis was an amazing experience - like a natural high! She gave me daily homework to do (which is really relaxing) and strategies to use when feeling anxious. All of this has genuinely changed my life. I will go back and see her again although I may not even need to because I would very much like to enjoy hypnosis, under Margot's gentle guidance, once again.
Cindy, Hantsport NS

My experience was raw, intense and beautiful

I was so happy to have met you and followed through with HypnoBirthing. I was so grateful and fortunate to experience a very peaceful, relaxed birth at the IWK in the comfort of my Doula’s presence with dimmed lights, surrounded by flickering tea lights and a sea salt lamp while laying in the tub listening to the HypnoBirthing meditation. I listened to the Rainbow Relaxation for months leading up the birth of my son. I can only explain my experience as raw, intense and beautiful. The room was silent. No one spoke. I breathed through each contraction on counts as if they were moving up a hill and coming down a hill. This counting and breathing helped me conquer each wave with confidence in myself and my ability to have a natural birth.I cannot share my story enough. The day did not start off according to my “scripted plan” (I'm a control freak) but I learned the whole process is about letting go, surrendering and owning your power within. I learned, you can set all your best intentions along the way but you can never really "plan" how it will turn out. Going in, I knew my strength and in the midst of uncertainty it’s about finding it and owning it. No one in that room could give me what I needed. It was all me and within me. I highly recommend HypnoBirthing for anyone choosing a natural birth and it is the ONLY book I recommend that women read to prepare.
A.P., Mt. Uniacke NS

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