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My experience was raw, intense and beautiful

I was so happy to have met you and followed through with HypnoBirthing. I was so grateful and fortunate to experience a very peaceful, relaxed birth at the IWK in the comfort of my Doula’s presence with dimmed lights, surrounded by flickering tea lights and a sea salt lamp while laying in the tub listening to the HypnoBirthing meditation. I listened to the Rainbow Relaxation for months leading up the birth of my son. I can only explain my experience as raw, intense and beautiful. The room was silent. No one spoke. I breathed through each contraction on counts as if they were moving up a hill and coming down a hill. This counting and breathing helped me conquer each wave with confidence in myself and my ability to have a natural birth.I cannot share my story enough. The day did not start off according to my “scripted plan” (I'm a control freak) but I learned the whole process is about letting go, surrendering and owning your power within. I learned, you can set all your best intentions along the way but you can never really "plan" how it will turn out. Going in, I knew my strength and in the midst of uncertainty it’s about finding it and owning it. No one in that room could give me what I needed. It was all me and within me. I highly recommend HypnoBirthing for anyone choosing a natural birth and it is the ONLY book I recommend that women read to prepare.
A.P., Mt. Uniacke NS

I am back on track today

I can’t thank you enough for your support; you are changing my life! In the past, an episode like yesterday with the emotional eating, would have gone on for days! I would have allowed myself to mistreat myself and just spiraled for days. I still have much work to do; however, after three weeks of working with you I really am doing and feeling much better, even with all the stress of work and the news about my Dad. Thank you, Margot!
L. Murphy, Hackett's Cove NS

I left convinced that everything will be okay

You made me feel at ease with the "hello" of our initial phone conversation. You made me feel comfortable in your place of business and allowed me to reveal my humanness without worrying about being judged. My session felt like a visit with a friend. And the great hug before I left convinced me that everything will be okay. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for sharing your very special gift.
Anonymous, Lawrencetown NS

Not one fear flashed through my head

Had an excellent trip. Flight was fantastic; 4 hours long. When there was turbulence, I thought it was like a bumpy bus ride. I did not have one fear flash through my head. I never thought in a million years I would feel like that while flying. It's been your sessions that has keep me free of the anxiety. And the best part is that I didn't even do any of the exercises or relaxing tapes while away. Just not worrying about flying home made the trip that much more fun and exciting. Each hypnosis session is helping my brain think more positively on its own. A summer vacation to Scotland in 2020 to see a "little sister" who I have not seen in 30 years seems a reality now.
Caroline, Lower Sackville NS

I have very little yearning for sugar

I am very impressed by Margot and it's because of her sessions that I have very little yearning for sugar, which is a miracle. And I am eating healthier. I find my memory has improved and I am thinking more clearly. My affirmations and the strategies she gave me keep me focused too. I would highly recommend Margot.
Ann, Yarmouth NS

Completely clear on what I want and where I'm going

I sincerely thank you for all that you did for me today. I will use the tools and I am excited about my life and where I am going. I feel lighter and have more insight. When we first started the session, I couldn't even form answers to your questions and felt so overwhelmed; my concentration was so filled with emotion. Now my mind and I are completely clear on what I want and where I'm going. So a huge thank you again for sharing this amazing gift that you have with me.
Cathy K, Halifax NS

Free from craving pop

I never thought I could be free from craving pop. I drank pop my whole life and was very addicted even though I knew it was bad for my body. After hypnosis I feel no desire to drink pop and I actually crave water. I was really impressed that I could be free from pop that easily. One day while cleaning my office I found a can of pop in a drawer. I grabbed the can of pop and couldn’t get it out of my office fast enough. The old me would have been tempted to drink it and would have drank it. I felt no urge or desire to drink the pop and I thank Margot for helping me kick this addiction.
DL, Middle Sackville NS

I woke up this morning and felt like MYSELF!

I can't believe how effective the hypnosis session was and has been already! I woke up this morning and felt like MYSELF. My old self...the happy, confident, relaxed self that I was before all of the trauma. I feel FREE. I cried because my heart felt so light and now I have hope. Thank you a million times over. You went above and beyond preparing for and tailoring the session specifically to my situation, and followed up with tools and resources that will be with me for the rest of my life. We made more progress in our few hours together than I have made in 11 months with a therapist AND psychologist.
Phoenix, Halifax NS

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