Wow! I am so thankful that a friend recommended Margot to me. I had my first session with her barely two weeks ago, and so much in my life has changed. I went to her as someone who was experiencing daily anxiety that had become debilitating. I was scared and uncomfortable in virtually any setting, but most distressing to me was that I was no longer comfortable driving. I was also finding myself to be very anxious at work, despite the fact that I love my job. One visit with Margot changed that. I really enjoyed my talk with her, and being under hypnosis was an amazing experience – like a natural high! She gave me daily homework to do (which is really relaxing) and strategies to use when feeling anxious. All of this has genuinely changed my life. I will go back and see her again although I may not even need to because I would very much like to enjoy hypnosis, under Margot’s gentle guidance, once again.