Over the course of a little more than a decade, I have experienced a number of different healing modalities in my own personal journey of unpacking trauma. The disciplines of psychology, psychiatry, naturopathy, homeopathy, emotional freedom technique, reiki, yoga and meditation, to name a few, all played an effective role in their own right, time and space. Hypnosis, my most recent experience, proved to be an effective and efficient practice of helping to integrate all of the idealized knowledge that I had around the power of thought. My life immediately shifted from the trappings of deeply ingrained, subconscious thought patterns that perpetuated a cycle of self-limitation and self-sabotaging to a frequency of empowered possibility. So much light! The process of Hypnosis proved to be very gentle, peaceful and afforded so much permission for me as the recipient to come exactly as I am. It felt as though the process asked nothing of me. Simply met me where I was at and guided me on an evolution of letting go and creating a new way of being . Margot Schelew’s passion and enthusiasm for her craft shines through as much as her compassion and care. Forever grateful.