“I came to Margot with a New Year’s resolution to prioritize my health. This meant eating right, and exercising consistently. I have made these goals in the past, but would quickly lose momentum and return to my old ways. I sought Margot’s aid to try to alleviate these patterns through hypnosis. In our first session we created clear, concise goals of what this looked like for me. Margot has impeccable client care. She is understanding and encouraging. She checked in via email after every session, and made sure that I was still following my goals and the protocols from our hypnosis sessions. It has been 4 months since our first session and I am exercising daily and making healthy food choices. Even better, the self defeating chatter that goes along with a wellness journey is no longer. I am 15 pounds lighter, more confident, and overall I feel like I am walking on a steady path. Thanks Margot!”