I heard about Margot and Hypnosis in the City from a friend who said “she is the real deal”. I was skeptical but after some research and reading about reprogramming your brain with hypnosis I decided to give it a try.

I have battled my weight since puberty, on and off diets of every kind. With menopause setting in it was getting harder and harder to keep my weight even at an “ok” level.

Margot and her therapy have changed my life and my weight. After the first appointment I just felt more positive toward everything. Even the colours of the leaves seemed greener!

I was very committed to the process and followed the instructions to the very best of my ability. I look great and feel great about who I am and who that wonderful woman in the mirror is looking back at me. Now I’m on “life maintenance” as I call it and still using all the various techniques that Margot taught me along the way.

Best money I ever spent on ME and well, I’m worth it ………….