“Hypnosis has a big fan, me!   Thanks to Margot Schelew’s invitational yet highly informed and skillful approach, I’m finding the experience to be truly life changing in a positive manner.   Under Margot’s compassionate and expert guidance I explore answering goal-setting questions recommended by the National Guild of Hypnotists (the governing body) which provides the basis of my personal profile for each session.   So in effect, I’m directly involved in deciding the areas of interest for the session.  At all times Margot demonstrates great care and patience in clearly explaining every aspect of the hypnosis.  By the time I enter into hypnosis I feel relaxed, confident and safe.  In short, I trust Margot to guide me through hypnosis.  It is trust well placed. In fact, I now eagerly look forward to exploring further areas of growth and improvement under hypnosis.  I am steadily becoming the best version of myself …how wonderful and exciting is that?”