I started on Hypnosis in the City’s Weight Management program early in January 2015. Margot told me that I could eat and drink whatever I wanted, and have as much as I wanted. This program is more about weight management than it is about weight loss. An enormous weight seemed to drop from my shoulders upon hearing those words. Following this program has helped me move towards my desired weight in a healthy way.

I did virtually every weight loss program going, but over the years my weight continued to creep up. It seems to me that when I’m on a diet I’m constantly thinking about food – what to eat, and if it is okay to snack, etc. Through positive suggestions in hypnosis, I have been able to avoid the foods that I craved, which helped me to make healthier choices.

With Hypnosis in the City’s Weight Management program I didn’t need to weigh myself; I could tell that pounds were dropping away by the way my clothes fit. At no time was my actual weight discussed. We did talk about the level of exercise I’d be comfortable with and I committed to exercise six days a week. On my final appointment, I had a choice to weigh myself or not. That being said, I did weigh myself and was extremely satisfied with my progress.

I still have a long way to go, but believe that I now have a way to manage my weight that is almost effortless. I would strongly urge anyone who has struggled with weight loss to try Hypnosis in the City’s Weight Management program. You will be amazed at what you’re capable of. Margot’s support and encouragement is invaluable. MH, Halifax, NS