When I stood, stark naked, staring blankly at the lock on my Dalplex locker I knew I was in trouble! The combination on a padlock I’d been using for 10 years had disappeared into a mind mist! True, at age 66 and 5 years into retirement, I didn’t always remember my postal code or the name of the book I was reading, but having to ask staff to cut my padlock so I could get dressed… that was the beginning of the end! After just 3 sessions with Margot, I’ve developed a new confidence and see myself as a person with a great memory. I give myself a pat on the back when I do remember, instead of beating myself up when I don’t! I actively look for “memory jobs” so I can exercise my memory using the visualization techniques Margot taught me. And though I could have bought a new lock with a key, I chose a combination lock!