It’s a year later, and I continue to be delighted with my progress with my weight management, a fact that was highlighted by a recent trip that I took. I had quite a large suitcase, and had already paid the airline to check it. I was very concerned that I was going to have to pay extra for an overweight bag, as I could hardly pick it up. When instructed by the agent, I heaved the bag onto the scale, and was floored to see how much it weighed. It was not overweight, but in fact weighed exactly half of the amount of weight that I have lost during the last year.

When I arrived home, I carried the bag up to my room, placing it a step above me, then moving myself, then the bag, then me. I was struck by the fact that for the past number of years, every single step that I took every single day, I carried the equivalent of two suitcases with me.

So, if you have some extra “baggage” that you’d like to lose, talk to Margot!