Just a few short weeks ago I started my weight loss journey with Margot. I had truly exhausted every program and method there is out there. A close friend told me about the merits of hypnosis and how it was working for him. So here I am. Hypnosis with Margot is so much more than losing weight. It is about understanding the reasons why we eat and what we go to in these instances. Margot’s insightful approach allows you to better understand yourself and in doing so you learn the valuable lesson of how to really discover yourself. I am not sure how many pounds have been lost, as I gave my scales to a friend. I just know I feel so much better and my clothes are fitting better. My food portions are half what they were and I am full and satisfied and crave nothing. I can’t explain hypnosis but I can tell you that things have happened since coming to Margot that are completely unexplainable but so great. My unconscious mind has been opened and accepting of many wonderful things that can happen. It has been exciting and a very positive experience. I look forward to my journey ahead and to all the glorious things life has waiting for me. Thank you Margot!