I was so happy to have met you and followed through with HypnoBirthing. I was so grateful and fortunate to experience a very peaceful, relaxed birth at the IWK in the comfort of my Doula’s presence with dimmed lights, surrounded by flickering tea lights and a sea salt lamp while laying in the tub listening to the HypnoBirthing meditation. I listened to the Rainbow Relaxation for months leading up the birth of my son.

I can only explain my experience as raw, intense and beautiful. The room was silent. No one spoke. I breathed through each contraction on counts as if they were moving up a hill and coming down a hill. This counting and breathing helped me conquer each wave with confidence in myself and my ability to have a natural birth.I cannot share my story enough. The day did not start off according to my “scripted plan” (I’m a control freak) but I learned the whole process is about letting go, surrendering and owning your power within. I learned, you can set all your best intentions along the way but you can never really “plan” how it will turn out. Going in, I knew my strength and in the midst of uncertainty it’s about finding it and owning it. No one in that room could give me what I needed. It was all me and within me.

I highly recommend HypnoBirthing for anyone choosing a natural birth and it is the ONLY book I recommend that women read to prepare.