“I’m only 2 weeks into the Weight Loss program with Margot and I’m constantly surprised by how well it is going. I’m drinking lots of water. I see a big change in my portion size. I no longer eat late at night. Even my dog is happier, because she senses that I am and I enjoy walking her more than ever before.

In hypnosis, I was given the suggestion that my craving for rich, heavy, greasy, sweet and fattening foods would just float away and be replaced by a craving for juicy, colourful, healthy life-giving foods. Well guess what? When I went grocery shopping and walked towards the produce section of the store, I couldn’t believe my eyes… it lit up just like Christmas. It was as if the red, yellow and green peppers were alive. The asparagus looked so good I could have eaten it right there. When I went around the outside of the store, I literally ran from the ice cream department. I high-tailed it out of there. “