If you are reading this, your ears are probably buzzing. If you can imagine, many years ago people actually used to cut their ears off to get rid of the high-pitched ringing only to find that it was still there afterwards. You have tinnitus when you have humming, whistling or other noises in one or both ears. You can have this and still have good hearing. You just desperately want a little quiet from time to time.

Tinnitus is rather common and may occur at any age. I have it and can go for months sometimes when I can’t hear it at all and then someone mentions it and I notice my ears are ringing like crazy. Apparently it is caused by the malfunction in the movement of sound waves through your ear canal. It can be affected by a change in blood flow in the blood vessels near your ear and intensified by the mind’s increased awareness of this. It also happens when the tiny hair cells responsible for detecting sound at a set frequency, and measuring its volume, have died. Hearing loss, old age and genetic damage to the inner ear can also play a role.


For many, living with tinnitus is bearable. For those with constant ringing and humming of loud noises all day and every day, it can impact their life in a negative way. The loud noises can cause frustration, annoyance and heightened anxiety. A client once said to me, “I just want to go for a walk and be able to hear the birds sing”.


How can hypnotherapy help tinnitus sufferers? Hypnotherapy works because you allow me to have access to your unconscious mind. I can train you to react in a different way to tinnitus sensations by helping you to not notice the sounds so much and allowing you to naturally tune them out. We will also work on lowering your stress levels and elevating your mood so that you can better heal. Together we can revisit a time immediately before the tinnitus began and then bring you forward in time to when it actually began so you can pinpoint the exact moment when negative emotions associated with the condition arose. We will diffuse these emotional charges and instill a positive mental attitude.