We all experience stress in our lives. Some people more than others. I’m sure you’ve got a friend or family member who has a very demanding job, a growing family and health issues to deal with and you wonder how they keep their head above water. Or maybe I’m describing you. Life is challenging but it is meant to be enjoyed. It is all about having a positive perspective and seeking balance.

The positive influence of stress is that it can motivate you to perform to your optimum level and boost your energy significantly. It can be exhilarating to achieve new heights but it may come at a price. The negative influence is that it can be detrimental to your health. Stress is caused by the body’s natural ability to defend itself so we can function well if an emergency should arise. When our body is ready to face an emergency, our blood is coursing with adrenalin and if no emergency actually happens, all the extra energy has nowhere to go, causing negative stress. It can leave us feeling angry, depressed, frustrated and rejected; it can also lead to high blood pressure and insomnia.

The trick is to establish a work-life balance that allows you to enjoy all aspects of your life. Together we will review your chief stressors and determine if they can be eliminated or if you can reduce the negative impact they are having on your happiness and sense of well-being. Change is constant. It can be difficult to embrace but it can make all the difference in the world.

It is important to weave some exercise, good food, relaxation and fun into every day. Figure out what it is that you love to do so much that when you do it, you lose complete sense of time. You are in the zone. And then…do more of it. I guarantee this will help to relieve your stress.

Using positive suggestions, relaxation and visualizations, I will help steer you towards a life that is productive, satisfying and full of adventure. An adventure is doing something with an unknown outcome. It involves spontaneity. We want to do more than keep our heads above water…we want to surf the waves!