One of the most common questions I get asked is “Have you ever failed to hypnotize someone?” What is hypnosis? Actually, it is a profound state of relaxation. If someone is willing and they’ve got the time, they will succumb eventually. There is no rush. When you are relaxed your mind and body are free of tension, stress, and anxiety. Just try to resist sinking into this incredible feeling of peace and contentment…you cannot.

Stress affects us all in different ways, and often we don’t even realize just how stressed we are because we have become too accustomed to being tense. We’ve come to see this as normal. What are the signs to watch for? Perhaps you wake up tired, you grind your teeth at night, have difficulty sleeping, or have headaches. Do you have a sense of rush, panic or lack of time when you look at your agenda for the day? These are just a few signs that relaxation could be helpful for you.

The relaxation response refers to how we can directly control our body’s release of specific chemicals and brain signals that loosen up muscles, slow down our organs, and increase blood flow to the brain. Relaxing quells the body’s natural “fight, flight, freeze” syndrome. Relaxation can boost your immune system, lower your blood pressure, improve concentration, aid sleep and diminish emotional upsets.

I will send you home with self-hypnosis techniques so you can keep on top of your stress levels and cope with day-to-day problems more effectively. Self-hypnosis allows you to incorporate relaxation into your schedule on a daily basis. Hypnotic relaxation…that’s the icing on the cake!