How is it that you can be so intelligent, so resourceful and so respected and yet getting in front of an audience to speak is utterly terrifying? Many people experience this sensation when asked to give a speech at a wedding, make a big presentation at a conference or share their ideas at a small gathering of people. The good news however, is that we can re-educate our minds to no longer see public speaking as a threat.

I remember a classmate at university jogging around outdoors in the winter with no coat or hat on before he had to give a talk. He said this was his way of coping with the jitters. We gathered moments later to hear him speak. It was going well for a minute or two, and then he passed out cold, doing a face plant on the conference table.

The fear of public speaking is a form of social phobia. Our “fight, flight, freeze” mechanism kicks in and we feel like we are in some kind of danger that we need to escape from. When this happens we may experience a tightening in our throat, sweating, or nausea but the worst fear is that our mind will go blank. Different things can cause this such as lack of confidence, fear of making a mistake, or a fear of being judged or laughed at, to name a few.

In hypnosis, in that beautifully relaxed trance state, you will be given powerful suggestions that bolster your confidence, and strategies for remaining calm. We’ll find out where your fear of public speaking is rising from and create new positive ways of thinking and feeling. This could not only change your life but fast track your career.