Have you ever wondered why you are afraid of spiders? Little itsy, bitsy spiders. Phobias can be hereditary or can be learned from a family member’s reaction to an object or situation early in a person’s life. For some of you, your phobia is mildly distressing while for others it can cause a panic attack. In hypnosis, we can uncover the initial event that may have been locked away for a long time and we can bring it forward so you can be taught to react in a whole new way.

A phobia starts when a person begins organizing their lives around avoiding the object of their fear. A phobia is much more serious than a simple fear. Sufferers have an overpowering need to steer clear of anything which triggers their anxiety. If it is something you rarely come in contact with, like a poisonous snake, then it is easy to avoid. If it is a common as using a public washroom, then it would be a good idea to do something about it.

Some phobias are specific (simple) and start early in life and carry on into adulthood. Examples would be arachnophobia (spiders) dentophobia (dentists), and aviophobia (flying). Then there are complex phobias such as social phobia (social anxiety disorder) and agoraphobia (fear of being in situations where there is no escape). If you have a phobia, you may experience trembling, sweating, nausea, blushing, headaches, heart palpitations and/or have difficulty talking.

In hypnosis, you can go back to the time and place when this event first occurred and review it in a very safe way, without experiencing any nervousness. Addressing this old memory will enable you to better understand it. You will begin to see it in a way that it is no longer threatening. In fact, this event may become quite boring when it has lost its power over you. You will create new thoughts and responses to whatever it was that used to bother you.

Will it be today, or will it be tomorrow that you decide to end your phobia once and for all?