You may find that 95% of the time life is grand, but there’s 5% of the time where you have trouble keeping things together. And you never know when that part of you is going to come to the forefront. A panic attack can often occur for little or no reason and may result from a high level of anxiety. One of the things you will appreciate about having conquered your panic attacks is just how good you will feel all the time.

Your parasympathetic nervous system is like a cooling system, it helps you to relax, think clearly and maintain your equilibrium. You may be simmering on low and everything is okay but suddenly, without warning, your pot boils over. Adrenalin is released and you move into high alert. Your sympathetic nervous system kicks in. It sends signals to the major organs and muscle groups in your body, readying them for fighting or fleeing. In the old days people died early and the benefits of the constant use the sympathetic nervous system outweighed its long-term costs. But today, we tend to live longer and the accumulating danger of an overheated life is a real concern.

Panic attacks can be triggered by a significant event in your life and may surface soon after the event or years later. Hypnotherapy can help to uncover the reason for your panic attacks. Relaxation and breathing techniques will help you to avoid these in the future. You will be able to take back control of your life. Before long you will find ways to remain calm, cool and collected in all situations.