As a noise sensitive person, I’m guessing that you are not just upset by certain sounds but also by the expectation of hearing these sounds and this can be very annoying. This can make your general stress levels higher than normal. A noise becomes a focal point for all of life’s stresses and frustrations…but we can change that today. You probably wonder why other people do not seem to take notice of the sounds that negatively affect you. And it is not just sounds that set you off; you can also be triggered by sights.

When you are exposed to a sound in your trigger set, it may result in an immediate negative emotional response. This response can range from moderate discomfort to acute annoyance or go all the way up to full-fledged rage and panic. Fight or flight reactions can occur resulting in stress hormones being released into your system.

Surprisingly, it is often the people who are the closest to you that elicit the worst triggers. As one can imagine, this can make personal relationships difficult and can limit social activities. Taken to an extreme, a person with misophonia can become socially isolated and pull back from family and friends in an attempt to reduce the stress brought on by exposure to their triggers sounds. The workplace is no exception. A school environment can be similar; having a long-term negative impact if it interferes with your ability to learn or socialize.

Much like tinnitus – ringing in the ears – you can listen to the ringing or you can choose to listen to the furnace, refrigerator, cars outside…You can wait for a sound you are expecting to hear that used to bother you and then when you hear it tune into others sounds in the room or outdoors. You can reduce noise sensitivity significantly with hypnosis. I’ll encourage you to tune out the sounds that upset you and change the way you feel about those sounds.