Improving your memory is not as difficult as you would think. It is a case of paying attention when information is coming in and then having a filing system so you can retrieve it. It is like attaching an icon to a desktop so you can quickly access what you want.

When you take the time to organize the information you want to recall, you will have more confidence. It will also help you to remain calm and relaxed in many social settings. We don’t need to remember phone numbers anymore because they are loaded into our cell phones and most information, such as a movie title or the name of a flower, is easily accessible on the internet. We don’t exercise our memory muscles as often as we used to. How long has it been since you memorized a poem?

With the help of positive suggestions and powerful visualizations in hypnosis you can train yourself to slow down, pay attention to the information that is valuable to you and save it in a manner that works for you so you can recall it, even under pressure. In our session, I’ll instruct your unconscious mind that whenever you hear or read something, you will have no problem retrieving that information when you need to. All of the blockages you are experiencing which prevent you from recalling things will dissolve away. What a relief.