It is estimated that one in four people experience insomnia at some point in their life. You need sleep to recharge your battery. Insomnia can leave you feeling drained and exhausted. When you haven’t rested well it makes it difficult to concentrate; it leaves you feeling irritable and challenged as you move through your day. It is worth it to establish a specific wind-down routine at the end of the day so you can slip into bed in a relaxed state. If you are concerned about falling asleep in the middle of hypnosis because you are overtired, don’t worry because you unconscious mind is always listening.

Many people with insomnia believe that they are not going to be able to sleep, which often means that they don’t. Imagine if you are a golfer and you are on your favourite golf course. You are approaching a water hazard, one that intimidates you. What do you do? You get out your best “water” ball because you know you are going to sink it. Well, you know where that is going. You’d be better off visualizing your ball flying high above the water right onto the green.

Sleep is the same. You have to change your way of thinking and visualize success. I remember when my partner and I both had trouble sleeping…just before closing our eyes we’d say “Good luck” rather than “Good night”. Not a good idea. I went for hypnosis for insomnia and fell asleep during the session. At first I was disappointed, but I knew that my unconscious mind was listening and the positive suggestions sunk in anyway. My sleeping has improved significantly. Part of the solution is simply believing that you will have a good sleep when you lay your head down on the pillow.

Hypnotherapy will help you to relax both mentally and physically. As part of your session you will establish a new bedtime routine. Relaxation techniques will help you to clear your mind of any worries or unfinished business lingering from the day. Often, following a hypnotherapy session you will sleep quite soundly due to the deep relaxation achieved during the session itself. Just imagine waking up and stretching your arms and saying…”Ah, that was a good one!”