We all know that whether it is through professional or personal experience, having fertility problems can be very challenging and going through fertility treatments like IVF can add to your stress. Hypnosis is an effective tool which can help your mind to support your body throughout IVF treatments. When you achieve a deep state of relaxation your body relaxes thoroughly and therefore your womb relaxes and is better able to receive the precious little embryo.

The deep relaxation achieved in hypnosis will automatically reduce your stress levels. Self-hypnosis is a powerful tool and if done as directed will help you to relax on a daily basis. Positive visualizations will help you to experience a joyful outcome. You will learn to draw on your inner resources to cope better and make informed decisions. Hypnotherapy will help you to prepare mentally, emotionally and physically for IVF. A lot of it comes from subtle lifestyle changes, and the release of limiting emotions, experiences and thoughts around parenting, finances, health and career.

Often trying to have a baby can become all consuming and because of this not enough attention is paid to other areas of your life. We will ensure that a general sense of well-being is restored so that you can to continue to lead a productive life.

First I will have you come for a couple of hypnotherapy sessions so you are perfectly comfortable with the feeling of being in hypnosis and understand that you are totally in control at all times. Secondly, with the clinic’s permission, I will hypnotize you for the embryo transfer. Having experienced talking and moving around in this very relaxed trance state, you understand that you will able to pop in and out of hypnosis to choose how many embryos you would like to have transferred and to sign the necessary paperwork. You will find that everyone present, including the doctor, nurse and your partner, will be as calm and relaxed as you are.