Guilt is an unpleasant feeling of responsibility for some action we took that was not in line with our values. We can be so hard on ourselves sometimes. Don’t let unnecessary guilt prevent you from being happy and healthy – we all deserve to be happy. The interesting thing is that even though guilt is so hard on us, it can be good in that it helps us to determine the difference between right and wrong.

It is your values that determine your behavior, not your guilt. Once your values are aligned and ethical, then your behavior is appropriate and there is no need for guilt. People sometimes think that if they clear their guilt, there won’t be anything to stop them from doing undesirable things. Guilt doesn’t stop a person from doing bad things as people often feel guilty about doing something before they do it, and they do it anyway.

Guilt is self-inflicted and created by your mind. Are you ready to stop punishing yourself with negative thoughts? Are you ready to release your guilt? When you give up any lingering feelings of guilt you will be ready to bring self-love back into your life and focus on being the best version of yourself. Through clarifying your values, acts of kindness and perhaps some communication with those who you love, you will set yourself up for a much happier life. You will make those around you proud and show them how worthy of their love and respect you are.