It can be very nerve-wracking to write an exam or perform in a concert. It may feel like butterflies in your stomach, or you may have sweaty palms, an elevated heart rate or a fear that you won’t remember anything you have learned or prepared. These feelings are natural and common; they can actually help some people to focus. But it is not comfortable if these negative sensations become too intense and threaten your performance. Wouldn’t it be helpful if you could have a “calm” button installed in a control panel in your mind?

Exam/Performance nerves can affect anyone, no matter how clever they are or how much they have prepared. The pressure to perform can be overwhelming. When we allow our nerves to take over it can lead to an anxiety attack. I used to experience this when I played the piano. To avoid this I had to just keep reminding myself that I love to play. I’m here to have fun. I’d imagine I was all alone in the concert hall, playing for my own pleasure.

With the proper mindset, preparing for and completing an exam can become a more positive experience. It is not so much about the knowledge you have, but more about your state of mind. Just as an athlete gets psyched up for a competition, I can help you develop a set strategy which you will use each time before you write an exam or perform. This way you will be in control of the situation and will be more likely to reach your full potential.

Using your vivid imagination, you will visualize your current state of being when you have exam nerves. We won’t spend much time on this because this is not what you want in life. You will then visualize your desired state and build it up so it is very big, bright and powerful. We will anchor this state and make it accessible to you by the press of a virtual button located in a control panel in your mind whenever you begin to experience uncertainty about performing.