Lack of confidence is all about uncertainty. How do you get to the point where can do something which frightens you so that it just isn’t scary anymore? Usually this happens by doing it again and again. Hypnotherapy can speed up this process. Often the challenge is just getting started. Wouldn’t you love to feel relaxed and self-assured when you walk into a room? Or approach new relationships with confidence and ease?

Most of us are born with a fairly high degree of self-confidence. We haven’t yet categorized ourselves as smart or dumb, beautiful or homely. We haven’t been influenced by the judgements, fears and the limitations of others. And then life happens. Somewhere along the way you learned to feel you are lacking. Anything you have learned, you can unlearn.

Are you that person who doesn’t feel comfortable with the opposite sex? You walk into a room and see people turning away from you? You probably feel tense, your breathing is shallow and your mind goes completely blank…and all of this happens despite the many hours you have spent rehearsing. Chances are that you are so caught up in how you feel that you don’t even notice the people who actually are interested in meeting you.

It may seem impossible now, but hypnotherapy can help to rebuild your self-confidence so that you can believe in yourself again. It begins with letting go of limiting, irrational thoughts and beliefs that you have about yourself and replacing them with ones that make you feel good. These positive beliefs about yourself, your abilities and your skills help you to regain your confidence.

In hypnosis your unconscious mind becomes much more receptive to ideas and suggestions. It does not know the difference between real and perceived. It believes these suggestions to be true. With reinforcement you will begin to feel and behave in a way that demonstrates these new beliefs. You will take away a technique for confidence you can use whenever you need a boost and strategies that will help you to manifest what it is that you truly want in your life.